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Dryer Vent Service

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The health and safety of our customers and employees remain our top priority and we are committed to implementing the best safety and sanitary precautions.

DRYER VENT INSPECTION & CLEANING We inspect and service all types of residential and commercial clothes dryer exhaust systems and specialize in serving large apartments and Condo complexes. Special rates are given to large volume cleanings for Property Management Companies, and AOAO's.

DRYER VENT RE ROUTE AND REPAIRS We re route and repair residential dryer exhaust systems, ensuring that it meets proper clothes dryer manufacturers venting mandates and current clothes dryer codes.

DRYER VENT ACCESSORIES We sell and install high quality Dryer exhaust accessories to include roof jacks, caps, wall mount, bird guards, and UL listed connector hoses

INSPECTION SERVICE We conduct Clothes Dryer Exhaust and Fireplace inspections according to the Standard established by the National Fire Protection Association Code 211. We offer our services to realtors and Home Inspectors.

FIREPLACE & CHIMNEY SWEEPING We clean, inspect, repair, troubleshoot all types of woodburning systems to include masonry, modular masonry, factory built fireplaces, woodstoves, inserts and their chimney systems.

FIREPLACE, WOODSTOVE CHIMNEY AND HEARTH ACCESSORIES  We sell, install, and repair all types of woodburning appliances to include zero clearance factory built, free standing factory built, woodstoves, wood burning inserts along with all types of factory built chimneys and venting systems. We also sell and install stovepipe, caps, dampers, grates, hearth tools, fireplace screens, etc.

WOODSTOVE RESTORATION We refurbish old cast iron and steel wood burning stoves to include removing rust, painting, polishing, detailing, installing new firebrick, gasket, dampers, grates and glass door replacement.

BATHROOM VENT CLEANING We clean large complex and residential bathroom vents

GUTTER CLEANING We clean residential, apartment and condo complex gutter systems

EMERGENCY SERVICES Available for vent or chimney clogs, bird nesting, bird or critter removal, and wood burning smoking issues.


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