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Property Manager Information

Special Prices for Condos, Town houses, Apartments, Property Management Companies & AOAO's.


Shakasweepers LLC maintains close relationships with Property Management and Owner Associations to help keep Condo, Townhouses, and  Apartment property Dryer Vent Exhaust Systems clean and safe.  We offer services tailored to match the unique cicumstances associated with your dryer venting systems and special prices for large volume cleaning.

  • Service and maintenance files are updated in our database to track service related issues, maintenance and scheduling.


  • Free Initial consultation and assessment of your dryer exhaust systems to include accurately determining service frequency needs, improper ducting installation and troubleshooting.


  • Offer service notification flyers and large complex scheduling.


  • Proof of General Liability Insurance, Umbrella Coverage, Workers Compensation, Commercial Vehicle Coverage and C-DET certification. Hundreds of references on file.


  • Upon request, we offer detailed service reports for each unit and an overview of the venting system, dryer vent code validation, digital photos, non-code issues, damaged ducting and improper installation issues.


  • Scientific diagnostics to include Air Velocity readings and back pressure testing.


  • Technical support , troubleshooting and expert knowledge regarding modern Clothes Dryer Exhaust code to include the National Fire Protection Association 211 for Solid Fuels and Vents, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, Certification standards of the C-DET Clothes Dryer Exhaust Technicians Certification Manual.


  • Nationwide consultation with other Dryer Vent and Chimney Experts.

If your Property/AOAO/Condo or Apartment Complex doesn't have an onsite Manager, or if your owners/occupants are skiddish about OUR SERVICE TECHNICIANS entering their homes, (especially post-COVID-19)  or if you may have logistical issues and cannot ensure that our dryer exhaust technicians can enter every unit, ASK ABOUT OUR NO HOME ENTRY SUPER SAVER SpeciaL OR OUR FULL ENTRY/NO ENTRY COMBO PAK.

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