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We follow National Fire Protection Association 211 Inspection standards when servicing wood burning masonry, factory built, free standing  stoves and stove inserts. 


Each of these systems have their own unique characteristics, thus the below service checklist may not be all-inclusive.

  • Level of cleanliness of the venting system

  • Verify that the flue is not blocked or significantly restricted or obstructed

  • Appliance clearances

  • General condition of the appliance

  • Chimney or vent is suitable for the appliance, joint security, support and stability

  • Chimney or vent and its connector type, material, condition and clearance

  • Chimney or vent and its offset, rise or slope

  • Chimney liner appropriate for appliance and support

  • Chimney liner is present and free of readily visible defects, distortions, and spalling

  • Condition of crown/wash when readily accessible

  • The chimney cap if present, does not contribute, to flue blockage/restriction

  • Spark arrestor if present, is not obstructed

  • General condition of hearth, hearth extension & hearth sizing

  • General condition of fireplace face, chamber, smoke chamber joints

  • Clearances to combustible trim/mantels around fireplace opening

  • Operation and closure of damper assembly (to include top mount/obstruction) 

  • Smoke chamber transition, type, general condition

  • Freedom from rust or corrosion of readily accessible metal parts in a factory builtfireplace, stove, insert, chimney and stovepipe

*Weather Conditions, Roof design, clear and safe access, aged or poor roofing surface, along with chimney location, height, and design are all factors that will determine the sweeping and inspection protocol applied to your service. Fireplace and chimney systems can be properly cleaned and inspected (Level One) without having to obtain roof access via flying drone photography, digital photos, visual assessment with binoculars/video camera probes up the chimney and other means.  

Level One Inspection will include but is not limited to:

Image by Annie Spratt
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