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Your health and safety is our #1 priority. Our safety plan is rooted in science, our national certification training programs, along with decades of practical experience.When you schedule your appointment, rest assured we will discuss our home safety sanitary protocols, what you can expect from us and any expectations you have as our customer.  



  • A strict company stay-home policy: If any of our technicians are showing signs of a cold to include a cough, fever, body ache, they do not come to work. 

  • We will maintain a minimum of 6 feet of spacial distancing from our customers and we ask that you do the same.

  • We will wear protective gear to include a N95 mask, eye protection, disposable sanitary gloves and shoe covers. We may also wear a tyvek full body protection suit and OSHA particulate compliant respirators. We will also be equipped with anti-bacterial gels and sprays, drop cloth barriers along with our clean drop clothes and tools. 

  • Only one technician shall enter your living space, unless the service demands for more than one, in which case BOTH will observe all of the proper safety protocols. 

  • We touch only what we must, closet doors, light switches, washer/ dryer appliance, fireplace area in your home with disposable sanitary gloves and wipe down all surfaces with disposable paper towels and wipe cloths using anti-bacterial wipes and/ or sprays after our service is completed. 

  • We complete our service in a safe and careful manner and leave our customer with a signed invoice & service report and collect our service fee. 

Keeping Hawaii safe since 1994

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