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Dryer Vent Cleaning Facts

Did you know--- Only 60% of the lint is captured in the lint trap of residential and commercial dryers. The other 40% is vented outside. Over time, the lint accumulates to the inside of the duct.  The result is like a clogged pipe that becomes more restricted over time which can cause a fire hazard!  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 16,000 fires start in the laundry room each year. Also, the Consumer Product Saftey Commission (CPSC) estimates more than 84.4 million dollars in property damage occurs annually. This is a reality that needs to be taken seriously.

Clothes Dryer Manufacturers and the National Fire Protection Association recommend that your dryer vent be cleaned or inspected at least once a year to ensure your family's safety.  


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Signs + Symptoms your clothes dryer vent cleaning is overdue may include:

  • Clothes take multiple cycles to dry

  • The top of your dryer appliance is very hot to the touch

  • Excessive condensation in your dryer drum

  • Clothes are excessively hot

  • Dryer appliance shutting itself off before the dry cycle is completed

  • Any burning smell in the laundry room

  • Poor or no air flow at the exterior termination cap when the dryer is on

  • If the outside vent cover/cap is clogged or has lint, debris, nesting or other obstructions outside the vent cover

  • If you notice a large amount of lint to the rear or sides of your dryer appliance

  • If your feel hot air spewing to the rear or sides of the dryer when it is on


  • Reduce the risk of a dryer fire

  • Save $$$ lower your electric bill

  • Extend the lifespan of your dryer appliance with less repairs

  • Clothes dry faster with less lint

  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning with gas operated dryers

  • Fire safety, fire safety, fire safety!

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