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The Ten Commandments of Residential Clothes Dryer Exhaust Installations!

  1. Install your dryer exhaust vent as short as possible

  2. Install your dryer exhaust vent as straight as possible

  3. Use as FEW elbows as possible in the dryer exhaust vent routing

  4. Terminate the dryer exhaust vent on a side wall or low side wall ( easy access/avoid roof terminations)

  5. Use four inch (4") rigid round smooth interior metal pipe with a minimum 26 gauge.

  6. Connect all of the vent joints with a heavy duty all weather metal tape/and/or metal clamps. Face the male end of the vent pipe towards the termination.

  7. Do not use any sheet metal screws at connection points or create any protrusions in the vent

  8. Always use a recessed dryer box at the rear of the dryer appliance to minimize any chance of the connector hose (transition hose) kinking or crushing to the rear of the appliance

  9. If possible, ensure that there is easy access to the connector hose ( transition hose), consider a high side wall or ceiling mount connection from the dryer appliance to the dryer wall port.

  10. Begin with the END in mind. How can i ensure a proper and codified installation so that a professional dryer exhaust technician can easily service this vent and extract the lint properly. Ease of vent access, ease of lint extraction. ease of diagnostics and troubleshooting if necessary.

Ooooh shucks, da 11th commandment: Use a termination cap, cover, hood, or jack that minimizes back pressure, maximizes lint extraction, minimizes bird nesting and critter entry and can hold up to the weather! Consider using the specialty dryer exhaust products from by Shakasweepers! Superior Dryer Vent product specialists....!


Thanks All!

Kawika Akana

Guest Blogger

C-DET #333 (the best certification number in the USA!)

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