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3,000 clothes dryer fires annually in the USA.......

Dryers are safe as long as you perform proper maintenance. This includes clearing out the lint screen daily before each load, having a C-DET certified proessional clean the entire ventiing system at least annually which should include the connector hose, the entire dryer vent run, termination hood or cap and verify your aiflow is satisfactory! You may also want a qualified appliance repair technician to service and clean the inside of your dryer appliance housing annually. All of the above mentioned steps will help minimize any possibility of a dryer appliance fire.

Every year, there are more than 3,000 house fires in the United States caused by dryers. Lint is very combustible. As heat builds in the dryer, with air blowing through the ductwork, it can cause the lint to reach its ignition temperature.

While lint fires are one culprit, washing rags soaked with flammable chemicals is more hazardous. Those chemicals that are flammable in there are not water based. The soap may not get rid of them. When you put them in the dryer and build that heat, it could reach an ignition point. This can cause a fire. Throw the rags away instead, or let them air dry after washing.

If you have a house full of kids or you have alot of aninals or you are doing large volumes of laundry on a regualr basis , you’ll need to service your dryer exhaust vent more often. Dryer appliances are very safe to use as long as you are using them the way they’re designed and you clean and maintain the appliance and the vent properly!n

Dryer Safety Tips:

· Have your dryer installed and inspected by a professional

· Do not use a dryer without a lint filter

· Clean out lint filter before every use

· Use rigid or flexible venting materials to allow for best airflow

· Clean lint out of the vent at least yearly

· Clean outdoor vent hood, cap and/or screen guard

· Turn off dryer when sleeping, or leaving your home

· Keep area around dryer clear of combustible items

· Do not dry clothes or materials with flammable chemicals

· Do not overload the dryer

· Do not clog dryer with dryer sheets. Throw them away after use

Lastly, make sure your connector hose is as short as possible and it is not crushed or kinked behind the dryer appliance. Be smart. Be safe and don't forget to read and understand your dryer appliance operational and maintenance manual!

Aloha Cindy Akana


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